November 2021 Call To Action


Institute for Animal Happiness

The Institute for Animal Happiness is a compassionate refuge for chickens that become enslaved to the poultry and egg industries. Their website states 68 billion chickens per year worldwide are suffocated and macerated at only a few days old.

Operating with only one half-acre for housing and grazing in upstate New York, the non-profit focuses on quality, individualized care and medical access for the too often invisible victims who fall prey to a cruel industrial practice. 

Chickens raised in a falsely advertised ‘humane’ factory farm

The Hudson Valley based animal rescue is described as an intersectional philosophy where education and community outreach meet animal rescue and care. Chickens are usually mocked, denigrated and apparently even the majority of so called “animal” rescues and veterinary offices do not know how to provide care for them as patients.

“‘Human washing’ is the practice of making a misleading claim about the mistreatment of animals or the conditions in which they are born, raised, or killed.” — The Animal Legal Defense Fund

A Sanctuary is Born

This is Blanche, known as the ‘Busy Lady.’ She was found wandering by an abandoned building in NJ

Rebecca Moore, unofficially founded the sanctuary when she brought home Nelly: a 6 year-old rooster with horribly deformed feet.

Over time, Moore came to find more birds needed rescue and care and so the institute found its name and got a website in 2013.

One, became two, became three hand built chicken coops and eventually Rebecca, along with her partner Brian, were inspired to start the 501c3 non-profit in January 2019.

When they are not rescuing and caring for chickens, they are engaged in events like Hudson Valley Vegfest and Kingston Animalia that bring together authors and artists to educate the public on choosing a healthy compassionate vegan diet and lifestyle.

The Vegan Educational Poster Project and the free vegan food cart is now available and happening every Wednesday. This project serves up healthy whole vegan food for everyone along with providing educational books and resources. 

Meet the Residents

Zoltan with custom made Tibetan flags

You can visit the website to learn more about the work this mini sanctuary is doing to provide care for our bird friends.

On the website and their instagram handle, you can also read about some transformational stories, such as with Honey. 

She suffered neglect at a local egg and poultry farm and was left outside to freeze. When brought to the sanctuary her foot was still attached but totally dead. A year later, she healed and is now thriving, despite loosing her foot. Honey is a survivor. 

Honey was purchased along with 200 other little chicks by a high-end animal breeder in the Hudson Valley. She was left outside to freeze to death.

Its important we support these organizations who work in humane ways to care for non-human animals and especially those who are neglected and abused the most. 

If you would like to support this small organization making a huge impact, please visit their website to make a charitable donation or sign up as a volunteer. During the holiday season we can continue to ask the very important questions, is it necessary and is it kind?

There is a section on the homepage of the website where you can learn about art and activism. The institute spotlights the artists that are working during these challenging times to be a voice for the voiceless through their music and poetry.

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